Hello! Babadook Potter here 🙂_DSC8163-1600

Thank you for visiting my page and welcome to my awesome journey as a lovable Chinese water dragon.

My parents created a website for me after I got a pretty loyal following on Instagram in just less than four months (you can find me there with the handle @babadookpotter!). Since then, I’ve gotten many questions ranging from “how old are you?” to “how are you so big — what do you eat?” and figured this would be a great platform to share useful information to other water dragon parents and lovers, as well as bits and pieces of my life and adventures in photos!

A bit about me:

We hope that you’ll find this an informative and fun place to be. If you have anything specific you’d like to see on my website, got questions, or just want to say hello, I can be reached at babadookpotter@gmail.com 🙂

Advertising And Image Licensing

If you’re interested in advertising your product or services related to the reptile world then please contact me! There will be an ad banner at the top of the website as well as ad space in the footer that are visible on all pages. There will also be ad space available in the side bar that are visible everywhere but the home page. As this website has just launched at the end of February I have low, affordable rates for you to test out and see how advertising on my website will be of benefit to your business. Advertising will allow us to keep making detailed photos and videos rarely seen of Chinese water dragons and all the aspects of having one, including construction of an enclosure from start to end!

Please do not use any of the photos or videos without permission. If you are a student wanting to use a photo for your research project, that is totally fine, but please let me know. We like to know how and for what our photos are used for and are happy to create content useful to others!