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  1. Is there a minimum age for the water dragon before you would feed these to them? Our dragon is under a year old and still pretty small. My husband tried to feed him one of these to add a little variety to his diet (mostly a super worm and cricket guy). He went for it, chewed for a moment, and then flicked him away! Hasn’t touched one since. We were really surprised because the gal at the pet store thought he would love them. I was thinking maybe it was just too big right now.

    1. I don’t think theres a minimum age, but generally lizards can only eat things that would fit between their eyes, and not too long if they’re young. But chinese water dragons can have totally different appetites too, so your dragon may just not like hornworms, or the hornworm was too big. I tried to get Babadook to eat small fish, and his first few attempts he could not get a good grip on a fish and the fish would always escape, so that first experience has made Babadook not ever try fish again. So your guy may never try hornworms again if his first taste was not satisfactory, he’ll associate that color and shape with something he doesn’t care for lol (apologies for late response, notifications were not working properly)

  2. I’m wondering if my guy will like the hornworms,he tends to like things that move fast and they don’t seem to move really for him to get excited about eating them but he can’t seem to get enough to eat and I want him to be full and comfortable you know?I’m gonna try small goldfish see how that goes he pretty picky he generally just eats superworms and large crickets but I can feed him twice away he still seems as if he could and wants more..

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